Classic Catch-Up: Dr Strangelove (1964)

Nobody has seen all the classic films that they are supposed to have watched but there‚Äôs always time to catch up. A plane drops a nuclear bomb whilst a cowboy rides on it whooping and waving his hat. Military and political leaders argue around a circular table in a darkened room below a single circular […]

Training Diary: Week 1

I’m going to start keeping an occasional diary of my training with a few additional details. At the moment, I am a little out of shape (having not done any sort of physical activity after the Half Marathon in July) but shaking myself loose of a summer torpor and throwing myself back into training. Having […]

My Five Cents: X-Men First Class

Five brief thoughts on a recent film. 1) I am late to the party with this film and I came with only one question: Is this the only good X Men film (so far)? Let’s face it, the X Men trilogy and the Wolverine spin-offs have some good moments but are tragically disappointing. The answer […]