My Five Cents: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Five brief thoughts on a recent film. Hey this time, I’m actually writing about a film that you can go and see at the cinema. Plus ça change. 1) How is it that I, someone who has only watched a single Wes Anderson film previously has such a preconception and prejudice about what this film is going […]

Book Discussion: Accidental Revolution, The Story Of Grunge

I just wrote a piece on a book about a fictional band, time to write one about some real bands. I picked up this book in New Westminster and the cover reminded me of that other pop music history book that I really liked (and mentioned in this article). Grunge was never a genre that […]

Oscars Homework – From 12 Years to An Ex-Coloured Man

So, 12 Years a Slave wins best film at the Oscars. Was it the best film of the year? In fact, yes it probably was (click here for my take at the time). Not only is it an obvious and popular choice, not only does it make history in entirely and appropriate way but it’s a […]