Classic Catchup: The Shining (1980) and Room 237 (2012)

Nobody has seen all the classic films that they are supposed to have watched but there’s always time to catch up. A recent podcast made me realise that I’d never actually seen The Shining, so man, like for fuck’s sake, let’s watch this thing (and write my second catchup article about a Kubrik film). The […]

My Five Cents: Birdman

Five brief thoughts about a recent film. This week, Birdman…..or to give it it’s full title, Birdman: The Overwheming Sin of Pretentiousness. Yeah, didn’t even get into point one before I got that zinger out. As you’ll read, I have mixed feelings about this film. But hey, why hold fire? This is a movie that […]

My Five Cents: Nightcrawler (Film of the Year Edition)

Five brief thoughts on a recent film (SPOILERS, especially point 4). It’s the end of December and hot damn if only I hadn’t saved what was probably the best film of the year until last. I write a lot about the X-Men, so I should point out that no, this isn’t a spin-off about Alan […]

My Five Cents: Guardians of the Galaxy

Sooo…….Haven’t written one of these for a while. It’s honestly not my fault. It’s just that cinema is offering me various things that are so thoroughly unappetizing or so straightforwardly brilliant that there hasn’t been very much to say. That and I was writing about other things…..and busy….yes, busy…. But, seems like I write about essentially […]

My Five Cents: X-Men Days of Future Past

Five brief thoughts on a recent film. Give me your Dark Knights, your Supermans and your Avengers and the films can either do well or fail. They can make the original IP look great, or, as is more often nowdays, rub its face in the mud. That’s fine. Hollywood can do it’s thing and it’s […]

My Five Cents: Captain America – The Winter Soldier

Five brief thoughts on a one of this year’s films. This week, something you’ve probably already seen, but hey, I didn’t worry about that before so why start now? Also, declassified document elements within (also known as spoilers). The Avengers rocked and started a Joss Whedonessaince (nobody remembers Dollhouse now). I liked The First Avenger, I […]

My Five Cents: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Five brief thoughts on a recent film. Hey this time, I’m actually writing about a film that you can go and see at the cinema. Plus ça change. 1) How is it that I, someone who has only watched a single Wes Anderson film previously has such a preconception and prejudice about what this film is going […]