My Five Cents: Escape from Tomorrow

Five brief thoughts on a recent film. This week, indie lawsuit-bait Escape From Tomorrow. If you don’t already know, this film was made using guerilla film-making techniques (presumably different to the Gorilla film making techniques used in King Kong) on location at Walt Disney World in Florida without permission of the Disney Corporation. Considering the dark and […]

Training Diary: Week 12

One grappling session and two taekwon-do sessions this week. In grappling, a really good session continuing some of the half guard themes from last week and then moving on to take-downs. The last 40 minutes or so of the lession were split between live competitive take-downs and mat rolling. However, as this was with my […]

Beyond Cinema (Part 3): The Last Of Us

This is a multi-part series of articles about narrative-driven games. Why not start at the beginning, here? If the last narrative-driven game that I wrote about was a left-field decision, the choice for this article could be considered the obvious choice. If you haven’t heard of The Last Of Us then you either dislike computer […]

Training Diary: Weeks 10 and 11

Crushed in week 10 in more ways than one. Some aches and pains from rolling. It can be quite painful for me to have both my shoulders pushed down flat to the mat. Apparently this doesn’t happen for other people so I’ll let you know if it becomes an issue. Getting to the point in […]