Ethical Rules for Selling Martial Arts Tuition

Let’s not pretend that making money from teaching martial arts is a bad thing. If someone can be paid as a sports coach, a yoga teacher or any other type of teacher then it stands to reason that being able to be a professional martial artist relies on being paid for teaching. If that is […]

Taekwon-do Themes: Two Kinds of Schools – What does a “good instructor” look like?

  Of course this is a gross simplification but the point is there. Both types are much better than the other common type of instructor, the one who constantly seeks self aggrandizement. I don’t mean to suggest that the “Darwinist” is a bad person, merely that they should be honest that their club is not […]

The lie of learning more from mistakes than successes (a taekwon-do article told through motivational cards)

In the world of martial arts, staying motivated is the challenge within every other challenge. Becoming really good at anything can take a long time. One popular yardstick is ten thousand hours of practise in order to become really good at something (this book makes an extremely good case of really long term practise being […]