Training Diary: Week 9

Three trial Taekwon-do lessons full of beginners this week and one grappling session. With the Taekwon-do classes starting up again we have a huge influx of beginners, mostly from Kukkikwon backgrounds. Most of them seem to be able to kick very well and will really pad out the more advanced part of the class. However, […]

Beyond Cinema (Part 2): Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

For Part 1, including a my thoughts on narrative-driven games and a potted history of their development, look here. In the last part of this article, I looked at the development of narrative driven games, meaning games where immersive drama and narrative drive the story at least as much as as the game play elements. […]

Beyond Cinema (Part 1): Games as Storytelling

Walk into a the digital design section of an art school somewhere and you are bound to hear talk of something like, “transmedia” or “metamedia”, which is a concept that we can all relate to once it is boiled down to the point where it is unpretentious enough to drink. Our films are becoming more […]