Classic Catchup: The Shining (1980) and Room 237 (2012)

Nobody has seen all the classic films that they are supposed to have watched but there’s always time to catch up. A recent podcast made me realise that I’d never actually seen The Shining, so man, like for fuck’s sake, let’s watch this thing (and write my second catchup article about a Kubrik film). The […]

My Five Cents: Nightcrawler (Film of the Year Edition)

Five brief thoughts on a recent film (SPOILERS, especially point 4). It’s the end of December and hot damn if only I hadn’t saved what was probably the best film of the year until last. I write a lot about the X-Men, so I should point out that no, this isn’t a spin-off about Alan […]

My Five Cents: 12 Years a Slave

Five brief thoughts on a recent film. Ending will be duly spoiled sir, so take note. 1) Let’s start by saying this is a pretty difficult film to watch. Much like the terrific Hotel Rwanda we have a film which is as gruesome and horrific as any horror film but made a million times more powerful by […]

My Five Cents: Escape from Tomorrow

Five brief thoughts on a recent film. This week, indie lawsuit-bait Escape From Tomorrow. If you don’t already know, this film was made using guerilla film-making techniques (presumably different to the Gorilla film making techniques used in King Kong) on location at Walt Disney World in Florida without permission of the Disney Corporation. Considering the dark and […]

My Five Cents: X-Men First Class

Five brief thoughts on a recent film. 1) I am late to the party with this film and I came with only one question: Is this the only good X Men film (so far)? Let’s face it, the X Men trilogy and the Wolverine spin-offs have some good moments but are tragically disappointing. The answer […]