Classic Catchup: The Shining (1980) and Room 237 (2012)

Nobody has seen all the classic films that they are supposed to have watched but there‚Äôs always time to catch up. A recent podcast made me realise that I’d never actually seen The Shining, so man, like for fuck’s sake, let’s watch this thing (and write my second catchup article about a Kubrik film). The […]

My Five Cents: Nightcrawler (Film of the Year Edition)

Five brief thoughts on a recent film (SPOILERS, especially point 4). It’s the end of December and hot damn if only I hadn’t saved what was probably the best film of the year until last. I write a lot about the X-Men, so I should point out that no, this isn’t a spin-off about Alan […]

Beyond Cinema (Part 1): Games as Storytelling

Walk into a the digital design section of an art school somewhere and you are bound to hear talk of something like, “transmedia” or “metamedia”, which is a concept that we can all relate to once it is boiled down to the point where it is unpretentious enough to drink. Our films are becoming more […]