Training Diary: Week 12

One grappling session and two taekwon-do sessions this week.

In grappling, a really good session continuing some of the half guard themes from last week and then moving on to take-downs. The last 40 minutes or so of the lession were split between live competitive take-downs and mat rolling. However, as this was with my instructor and an experienced student, both much larger men than I, this was pretty difficult and I spent most of it crushed underneath. I managed a take down, a sweep or a pass here and there but I was mostly on the receiving end of it trying merely to survive. I’m glad that the me who has spent so long in martial arts sees the spirit and focus building opportunity this is as the pre-martial arts me might have been more negative. It was good to show that I could survive and at least keep coming up to scratch with a smile on my face ready for the next round whatever happened in the last one. There’s a lot of waffle about philosophy in martial arts but in reality most of it is this, being content with the opportunities in failure and taking pride in never backing out from a match because what happened in the last one didn’t go well. However, this was a pretty hard session physically and I had a lot of aches here and there as a result of bearing the pressure from on top. As a result, I skipped the next class. I’m in for the long haul rather than a sprint and need to be responsible for my physical ability to continue.

A basic TKD lesson in the week and then today, taking most of the class through a warm up and teaching the experienced members. I stuck to strengthening exercises for the legs especially for side kick and then some defences against side kick, starting with guarding and going through five possible counters. Many of the experienced students are actually from the other style of Taekwon-do so for them it is a mix of new stuff and familiarity. It’s a nice opportunity to have to teach occasionally though I don’t have a hankering to do it more often. If I take the same class again, I may focus on hand techniques and pad drills.


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